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Take This Survey to Have Your Say on SEMI's Transportation Future!

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How important are bike lanes, Supporter?

Where’s the worst congestion in the Detroit area?

Do you think we need to invest in better public transit in southeast Michigan?

Have your say: Take the Survey!

SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, is developing the region's long-range transportation plan. Your input is vital.

The results will help set priorities for transportation and infrastructure spending for what is expected to be billions of dollars in federal and state funding in coming decades.

The survey tool allows you to show what problem you have experienced where, to rate the importance of various transportation solutions, and to rank priorities from pavement quality to transit and more.

Tell them whether you want more rail transit and buses or whether they should add more traffic lanes.

Share where transit needs improved and how you want transportation dollars invested.

Take the survey today!

Then urge all your friends to do the same!


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