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Transporation Riders United

YOU can help WIN the next transit vote!


to help us launch the biggest transit outreach program ever!

Our goal: reach enough voters to WIN the next transit vote!

I know why the regional transit millage lost last year.

There weren’t enough voters like YOU, Supporter!

You know great transit is essential to connect people to jobs and to make our region vibrant and attractive. 

To win the next regional transit funding vote, we need more of YOU – 18,000 to be precise.

YOU are key to reaching those swing voters:


Until we perfect cloning voters like you, we need to go talk with people across SE MI and share with them what you already know.

TRU is launching Let’s Talk Transit – a community engagement program to build support for regional transit investment

With your support, we plan to:

  • Train a Speakers’ Bureau of transit volunteers
  • Arrange engagement opportunities with civic clubs and community groups all across the region
  • Talk with them about the benefits great transit could provide their communities, and
  • Recruit more transit supporters to stay involved and help spread the transit word.

Our nearly two decades of experience has proved it: Face-to-face conversations with someone you related to are the key to changing minds and building transit support. So that's just what we're going to do.

YOU are the key to reaching those 18,000 voters and turning them into transit supporters before next election!

1) Join our Speakers Bureau! If you’re passionate about improving transit, are comfortable speaking in front of groups of 10-40 people, and can commit 5-15 hours a month. Email your interest and contact info to info@DetroitTransit.org. 

2) Contribute $20 today to launch this critical effort!
 Public speaking isn't right for everyone. Your donation will provide the vital funding needed to make this project succeed.

Our two decades of experience has found that face-to-fact conversations with people you can relate to is the best way to build transit understanding and support. 

Please help us make it happen today!


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