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Disjointed transit shouldn't prevent family from getting together.

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Last summer, Dorothy scraped up the money to fly her grandson Kenny to meet his cousins down in Atlanta at a big family reunion that happens just every five years.

But since Dorothy is in a wheelchair, getting to the airport proved to be even harder.

Up at 4am for a 11am flight, Dorothy and Kenny had to spend over four hours on three different buses. One late bus meant they missed their connecting bus and nearly missed their flight.

This is just one example of southeast Michigan’s disjointed regional transit.

Will her experience be any better next trip?

Only if southeast Michigan improves our region's transit.

TRU is fighting to make that happen!

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TRU is dedicated to getting the regional transit improvement plan back on the ballot, passed, and implemented so that riders like Dorothy have the freedom to visit family and more. With your support, we’ll advocate to regional leaders, engage with influential organizations, and educate undecided voters across the region to make it happen.

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