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Have you ever changed someone’s mind, Supporter?

You know that people all across our region can benefit from transit like this senior shuttle.

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James didn't understand why public transit should matter to him. He lives in the farmlands of Ortonville, only comes down to Detroit 2-3 times a year, and has never ridden a bus.

Then we talked about it:
 - how paratransit might take his elderly aunt to the doctor and shopping, 
 - how he could park-and-ride to a Lions game or to the airport, and
 - how the vibrant transit-friendly cities might keep his kids nearby instead of moving to Chicago (like his niece did).

That one conversation made him a transit supporter.

He had rarely thought about transit before so it's understandable that he thought it didn't matter to him. Following our discussion, he gets it. 

Now we just need to repeat that 18,000 more times – since last November’s election lost by just under that.

We at TRU have got a plan to do that - one we’re calling Let’s Talk Transit.

YOU are the key to reaching those 18,000 undecided voters.

Donate $50 today!

Your gift of $50 will enable our Let’s Talk Transit program to transform 18 undecided voters into transit supporters through face-to-face conversations about the potential benefits of regional transit improvement.

Please, jumpstart Let’s Talk Transit with your donation of $50 or whatever level is right for you.


PS – I’ll send more details about this exciting new program in the coming weeks, including ways you can volunteer, recommend groups we should talk with, and more. 

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