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Confirm your Voter Registration today!

Visit www.Michigan.gov/Vote to double-check your registration.

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Imagine, Supporter, that it's Election Day. You've done your research, chosen your candidates, and waited in line, only to find out that they can't find your registration so you can't vote.

You know how important voting is. Yet errors can occur. So make sure nothing prevents you from casting your ballot - double-check your voter registration today!

It's quick and easy at www.Michigan.gov/Vote. Just enter a little personal data and you'll not only confirm that you're registered to vote, you'll also see your polling place and exactly what's on your ballot. 

Then please forward this to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to urge them to either register or double-check their voter registration too!

If you or any friends aren't yet registered or need to update your registration after a move, make sure to register now before the Oct 11 deadline. Go to your city clerk, Secretary of State, or get a Voter Registration form online

Another way to make sure your vote counts is to use Absentee Voting. If you're over 60 or expect to be away on election day, you can vote now. It's a great way to ensure that regardless of how busy you are election day, you know your vote counted! Get more information on absentee voting and download an absentee ballot application online. At www.Michigan.gov/Vote you can also track the progress of your absentee ballot from request to vote counted. 

This is an important election, from president to local races and the Regional Transit ballot measure. Take a few minutes today to make sure you can cast your vote!

And please remember to forward this to your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers throughout Michigan to their vote counts too. 


PS - Transportation Riders United is Detroit's nonprofit transit advocate, working since 1999 to improve bus service, remove barriers to rapid transit, and advocate for smart transportation investments

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