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Seniors Want Reliable Regional Transit!

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Did you know that nearly 70% of seniors in the region - 445,000 seniors - have poor access to transit?

Given that at least one out of five older adults 65+ don’t drive, there are tens of thousands of seniors in our region who struggle to just to get around each day.

At an event this morning hosted by A Coalition for Transit and covered by the Free Press, seniors and senior advocates from across the region highlighted the importance of improving our region's transit.

Paul Bridgewater, CEO of the Detroit Area Agency on Aging said, “We can and must do better to help our seniors get where they need to go – from doctors’ appointments to visiting their kids and grandkids.” 

"Reliable regional transit is not only about ensuring independence, but enabling active and healthy lifestyles – from trips to cultural and recreational opportunities like taking their grandkids to the ball game or zoo to volunteering,” said Stephanie Donaldson of Senior Power Days at Belle Isle. 

The Regional Transit Master Plan will help seniors in several ways:

  • More rides for seniors right from their home to the places they need to go, thanks to at 33% increase in paratransit service.
  • More places accessible by transit (both bus and paratransit), including areas like Livonia, Novi and Rochester which are currently inaccessible by transit. 
  • Seamless connections across county borders, whether on buses or paratransit, meaning less hassling with transfers.
  • Less waiting around for buses, thanks to 15 bus routes running more often with longer hours. 

Not a senior yourself? Well, the latest U.S. Census data that shows nearly a quarter of the state’s population will be 60 and older by the year 2030, so whether seniors have safe reliable transportation options will matter to you!

Please share this information with seniors you know in the region, as well as with their caregivers and others who care about our region's seniors. As this region prepares to vote on investing in regional transit, help make sure your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues understand why its so essential that we support the RTA plan. 


PS - Transportation Riders United (TRU) is Detroit's nonprofit transit advocate, working since 1999 to improve bus service, remove barriers to rapid transit, and advocate for smart transportation investments.

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