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I’m excited to report, Supporter, the county leaders appear to have reached a deal to allow us to vote on regional transit this fall! 

Thanks to hundreds of our supporters and others in a grassroots campaign urging regional leaders to let the people vote, now it appears we will this November! (The RTA board is scheduled to vote Thursday morning and I’ll let you know how it goes.)

This battle to even get transit on the region’s ballot dramatically spotlights the need for the transit advocacy of TRU
. You can’t be at every RTA meeting, analyze every transit plan, or talk with every decision maker. That’s why TRU’s here.

If you appreciate TRU’s work fighting for more and better transit:

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Because your first-time support of TRU is so vital right now, your tax-deductible gift will be matched by a generous TRU supporter, going twice as far in our fight for more and better transit.

Our mission is simple as it is intimidating: we want regional transit for everyone in the region. Your gift today will empower us to advocate for you and the other 4 million people across Southeast Michigan who deserve more and better transit that will create economic development and jobs, freedom for those who do not want to own cars, and independence for seniors and those with disabilities.

Please helps us make regional transit happen by donating to TRU today – together, we can create transit for all.

It may not always feel like it but we have made enormous progress over the past fifteen years. When TRU was founded back in 1999, transit barely on the region’s radar. Suburban leaders said who cares or why bother? Now we’ve got a Regional Transit Authority and an officially adopted plan. Suburban leaders are now arguing about whether they get enough in the Regional Transit plan. That’s huge progress, made possible in large part by advocacy by TRU and others.

Please donate to TRU today to double your investment in TRU’s transit advocacy.



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