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Don't Miss the Regional Transit Master Plan Launch May 31!!

RSVP today to be onhand when the plan is released!

It's nearly time, Supporter!

The Regional Transit Authority will finally release their proposed Transit Master Plan in just one week - next Tuesday, May 31! 

To make this launch a major success, we need your help in three main ways:

1) Be there!

RSVP today to attend the RTA's launch event
. It will be next Tuesday, May 31, 10:00am at Lawrence Tech in Southfield. The formal presentation of the plan will be followed by a public open house - the first opportunity to ask questions and share your opinions.

2) Spread the word!

Please tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues, bus buddies and anyone else in the region about the plan launch. This is a big deal and deserves a big crowd! You can forward this email, write something of your own or contact me for something tailored to your audience. 

Please also share it on social media too! Follow @RTAmichigan and @DetroitTransit on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest and easy retweets. 

3) Next week, review the plan and share your thoughts!

The full detailed Transit Master Plan along with an Executive Summary, county-specific factsheets, an online video, and transit map will all be available on the www.RTAmichigan.org website on May 31. Review them and tell the RTA what you love about the plan and how it could be improved. 

In addition, there will be lots of media talk. Help shape the message! You can be a huge help by sharing your positive impressions when calling into radio shows, writing a letter-to-the-editor of your local newspaper, commenting on media's social media posts, and more. This is our big chance for regional transit to make a first impression for many people - please help make it an exciting, positive one!

So what's the plan?

Of course the details of the plan won't be available until May 31. However we do know some of the components it is expected to include:

 - Bus Rapid Transit and Regional Rail, so we can finally enjoy reliable rapid transit like every other major city;
 - Cross County Connectors, because our lives don't end at our county borders; 
 - Airport Express Service, so we can finally get to and from Metro Airport without paying through the nose for parking or taxis;
 - Expansions and extensions of local bus service to ensure our region's job centers are accessible to job seekers;
 - More and better services for seniors and people with disabilities, to get more places with more ease;
 - Plus coordinated information, fare cards, mobility management, and much more. 

The plan released next Tuesday will detail plans and routes for all of these, plus construction and operation costs, overall costs, timelines, and more. 

Key reminders:

This plan is built from nearly two years of public input and in-depth data analysis.

This plan is on top of existing service. It will not replace nor eliminate anything offered today by SMART, DDOT, or others.

The plan is limited by financial and political constraints. It will not solve all transportation problems for all people. But it should be a pretty significant step in the right direction.

Many of us have been working for decades towards a truly regional transit plan that has a real chance of getting funded and implemented. 

So please join us in celebrating the release of the proposed plan, invite friends, and help create a positive buzz about what's happening to improve transit throughout our region. 


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