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Rapid Transit Plans Take Shape; Share Your Opinion!

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In case you missed it, Supporter, there's been a ton of transit in the news recently. And for good reason - there's a ton going on!

The Regional Transit Authority is starting to put some meat on the bones of what a transit system could look like with proposals for rapid transit on three main corridors. 

Yesterday's Detroit Free Press featured a detailed article, complete with a map, renderings, and a video, that provides a nice summary of the rapid transit proposals. While more details are needed, I'm quite pleased with what I'm seeing so far! 

Given that we're the only major metro region in the country lacking rapid transit, these proposed routes would provide a huge boost for people trying to get around the region quickly yet affordably. 

What probably didn't get enough attention in the article is that these three corridors are just the start. On May 31, the RTA will release its proposal for a full regional transit system, which is expected to include not only rapid transit, but also address other major gaps and lacks in our current transit:

  • At job centers where there is no transit option, new bus routes could be added. 
  • On routes where current buses are too infrequent or insufficient, bus service could be expanded and/or extended
  • For seniors and people with disabilities who feel trapped at home, door-to-door paratransit could be expanded.
  • For people considering transit for the first time, clearer one-stop information could be provided for all of the transit providers together.

Stay tuned for May 31 to see what the RTA proposes and give feedback on how they can improve it to better serve you and your community!

Also in the news,Crain's Detroit Business spotlighted the massive real estate investment around the M-1 Rail / QLINE streetcar, providing powerful quotes and data about the economic impact of transit:

"Real estate investors have spent more than $1 billion acquiring properties near the QLINE."

"Gilbert never would have started investing nearly $2.2 billion in acquiring, renovating and developing more than 85 properties in downtown without transit." 

M-1 Rail / QLINE was in the Detroit News last week with a much more downcast story of Woodward businesses struggling to survive the Woodward/M-1 construction. With a bare mention of the ultimate upside of the streetcar, the story fails to note that Woodward was long overdue for a complete rebuild, which would have impacted local businesses regardless of whether streetcar rails were added or not. 

Other transit in the news:

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PS - TRU is Detroit's nonprofit transit advocate, working since 1999 to improve bus service, remove barriers to rapid transit, and advocate for smart transportation investments.

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