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You're invited to join A Coalition for Transit: ACT!

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Greetings Supporter!

The fight for improved transit in southeast Michigan has been growing for a while now, thanks to support of people like you!

Well it's about to get even bigger!

A group including the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce has formed A Coalition for Transit (ACT) and hired professional consultants to lead a public education campaign and eventually a ballot campaign. 

TRU is joining with ACT to educate and engage people and groups on the benefits of investing in improved transit. Yes, this is what TRU has been doing for the past 17 years, even bigger! We are thrilled to have a well-resourced team joining this important effort, especially now!

We invite you to join ACT and work with us for a first class transit system.

Anyone who supports improved transit is invited to join. There will be special opportunities for endorsing organizations, institutions and business to get involved, By joining you will lend your name and voice to the growing chorus of people and groups supporting regional transit.

Amazing to you and me, but many people in the region still fail to grasp the magnitude of the transit problem and the need to invest in more and better buses, expanded service, and real rapid transit (like every other major city has!). Before people can evaluate the Regional Transit Master Plan that the RTA is developing (expected in May or June) and before they can consider funding transit improvements (expected on the November ballot), they have to understand how important transit is to the growth and success of our region! 

Watch for TV and internet ads sharing the real-life stories of people impacted by our transit system and it's failures. You may also start seeing more news stories and opinion peices about the importance of fixing our region's transit. TRU will be making presentations to groups throughout the region (as we have for years), so let me know if you know a group that wants to learn more about our region's transit challenges and opportunities. And as always, TRU will be out at Earth Day events, fairs, festivals, and fireworks all summer, answering questions and sharing why transit matters. 

Those are just a few of the ways that the need for regional transit is about to become much more visable, thankfully!!

You can join ACT to show your support for transit, as an individual or organization. 

Regardless of whether you join ACT or not, TRU will continue to work with you to educate and engage you, your community and other regional stakeholders.



PS - This information comes from Transportation Riders United, Detroit's nonprofit transit advocate, working since 1999 to improve bus service, remove barriers to rapid transit, and advocate for smart transportation investments.

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