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In case you missed it, Supporter, there's been a lot of important transit in the news over the past week!

1) Mayor Duggan went for a 3am bus ride with our own Ruth Johnson and a
channel 7 news team to spotlight the newly restored 24-hour bus service. The three-minute news story is worth a watch!

2) One year after his story went global,
the Detroit Free Press looked back at "Walking Man" James Robertson. His 21-mile walk to work each day drew an important spotlight to the failures of our region's transit system.

I also wrote up "
TRU's Take: Fixing the Transit System that Failed the Walking Man," reviewing what has and hasn't changed for the thousands of people like him struggling to get to work each day. We found some progress and some potential, but also a great deal more remaining to be done. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think!

3) Today's
Detroit News shared some information about efforts to build public support for a regional transit ballot measure. While old news to anyone who's been recieving my emails for long, the article highlights the "Detroit area transit authority gearing up for tax pitch." 

"The four-county millage ... would fund the authority as well as rapid transit on three major routes, a fare card system and an airport shuttle service.... Supporters of the millage say public education will be key to convincing the public, given the defeat of a statewide ballot proposal for road improvements in 2015."

A great reminder to
support TRU and get involved!!

Unfortunately, anti-tax crusaders are already using the article to rant against any public investment, no matter how vital. Make sure to speak up your support for investing in transit online, with friends, and wherever you can!!


PS - Transportation Riders United is Detroit's nonprofit transit advocate, working since 1999 to improve bus service, remove barriers to rapid transit, and advocate for smart transportation investments

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