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Can you believe it, Supporter?

After years of inaction,
both the Michigan legislature and the US Congress have taken major action on transportation funding!!

Below is my take on the transportation funding bill passed by the Michigan legislature and signed into law today by the Governor. 

But first, we need your help improving the federal legislation!

The US House and Senate have both passed transportation bills, yet:

  • According to AP: “The House has voted to continue transportation programs for six years with no significant increase in spending. That’s despite warnings that the nation’s roads, bridges and transit systems are falling apart.”

  • NPR notes: “Many transportation experts say the federal government continues to under-fund public transit, as well as long-term infrastructure projects.” 

There is still a chance, however! The House and Senate need to come together on a compromise bill in the next few weeks.

Please join TRU and our friends at the American Public Transit Association in urging Congress to pass a multi-year transportation bill that makes a serious investment in our nation's public transit!

Take action TODAY to urge Congress to invest in public transit!


Michigan Passes New Transportation Funding Package: Some Silver Lining, with Many Dark Clouds 

Amazingly, after six years of trying, Governor Snyder yesterday signed into law a new transportation funding package. 

Unfortunately, it was really the least the legislature could do, the very least.

There are some positives, including $60 million a year more for Michigan’s transit agencies, small funding increases over time, and more flexibility for Detroit to invest in transit.

But it also has some major flaws, including long delays before implementation, only half of the funding from new revenue, and threats to other budget priorities in years to come.

Read my take on TRU's website.


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