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Did you hear, Supporter? Vice President Joe Biden came to Detroit last week to talk transit.

He echoed what TRU's been saying for years, "Transportation is the single biggest factor allowing people to move up the economic ladder."

As you may have seen in the news, Biden helped Detroit get federal grants for 80 new DDOT buses which are now all on the road. Biden explained, "This isn't an investment in buses. This is an investment in the people of Detroit." 

Those buses, along with the 100 new drivers DDOT has hired, means DDOT can finally operate 100% of its scheduled runs!  

This means far fewer people will be waiting on the side of the road for buses that may never come.

This means fewer overcrowded buses passing people up because they cannot fit another body on.

And this means fewer students getting detentions and fewer workers losing their jobs because their bus didn't show up. 

As I said in the Detroit Free Press, I applaud Mayor Duggan and DDOT Director Dan Dirks for their diligent efforts to get DDOT to this point! 

That said, it is not enough.

At any other transit agency, operating 100% of your scheduled routes each day is a given. While I'm glad DDOT is finally there, there is a lot more DDOT still needs to do from here:

  1. DDOT must maintain 100% pull-outs, even during winter weather. That means DDOT must improve their maintenance program to ensure these new buses continue to serve Detroiters well for their full 10-year lifespan.
  2. DDOT must improve their on-time performance for the buses that are operating, so riders can start to really trust the schedule.
  3. And DDOT must develop a long-term plan to better serve underserved parts of the city and times of the day and to continue to improve for years to come! That includes DDOT must coordinate fully with the Regional Transit Authority and the other transit providers to ensure regional plans benefit Detroiters to the greatest extent possible. 

These are just a few of the recommendations TRU has made to DDOT in recent years. Our report cards, City Council testimony, and diligent advocacy helped make this step possible. 

TRU can only do that important work with the generous contributions of our members and supporters. Please donate to TRU today so TRU can continue to hold DDOT accountable and push for the high quality, reliable bus service the people of Detroit deserve. 


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