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Important news, Supporter,

The State Senate may decide on funding of Michigan transportation THIS WEEK!

Since the stunning defeat of Proposal 1, the legislature has been debating ways to fund fixes to Michigan's decripit transportation system. 

On June 10, the House voted to raise road revenue by taking money from economic development, raising fees for green vehicles, and eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit. They completely left out vital bus and rail funding. This is not a real solution for our crumbling transportation system!

The Senate may vote tomorrow or Wednesday on their alternative for funding transportation, and they need to hear from you!

Contact your Senator TODAY and urge them to create a real fix for transportation! This solution must:

1. Fund our complete transportation system, including buses, trains, ports, and trails. 

2. Provide sustainable, dedicated funding that doesn't gut other important funding priorities.  

3. Raise enough revenue to meet our transportation needs, not just another temporary stop-gap. 

Take Action Today!  

We've made it very quick and easy. Our action alert system provides you a sample email message which you can edit with your own words. Using your address and zip code, it will identify your State Senator and their email address. Sign your name to it, your message is sent and your voice will be heard! We'll even copy your message to Governor Snyder and the Senate Majority Leader, who also need to hear this important message. 

Then urge your friends and family to do the same, because the legislature needs to hear a lot of voices from all across Michigan to be convinced to do the right thing!



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