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Vote YES on Proposal 1!

Support TRU's work to improve Detroit Transit!


Polls are open, Supporter. Have you voted yet?

If not, here's one last reminder that today is the day to vote YES on Proposal 1!

Remember, Prop 1 is the best available path forward for Michigan’s transportation infrastructure. Better roads and bridges will:

  • Improve safety—whether you travel by car, bus, or bicycle.
  • Make public transit buses more reliable and less likely to break down.
  • Limit costly auto damage—an average of $539 per year per driver—because of potholes and road damage.

Right now, Michigan ranks dead last in the entire U.S. for how much we spend on roads per person. This is holding our state back!

Please be sure to get to the polls before 8pm.Not sure where to vote? Check here.

Still not sure what Proposal 1 does? Check out what our friends at the Michigan Enviromental Council put together:

Or check out these key stats:

See you at the polls!


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