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Dear Supporter,

In 3 weeks, Michigan will decide whether to invest in our transportation system.

Read on for a few reasons why TRU urges you to VOTE YES on Proposal 1, ways to help now, and where to get more information.

  • Michigan spends less per person on our transportation system than every other state in the nation. And we get what we pay for!
  • Most basically, Proposal 1 would raise the sales tax by 1 penny to provide essential funding primarily for roads and bridges, while not gutting and in fact restoring some funding for critical public interests including schools, cities, transit, and low income workers. 
  • The only other option if Proposal 1 fails is for the legislature to continue debate it endlessly, as they've been doing for more than a decade. They've only raised funding for transportation once in 30 years and that time they left out transit! Think they're likely to do any better now?

If you support Proposal 1, please help:

1) Go vote now! 

Don't wait until May 5. Go to your city hall or elections office this week and request an absentee ballot. You can often complete your ballot right then and not need to worry about getting too busy on election day. 

2) Spread the word! 

Forward this message to friends, share the above videos through social media, and/or use the easy e-cards that Rails-to-Trails Conservancy put together to email friends. 

3) Speak out in support!

Anti-taxers plan to use tomorrow to rail against Proposal 1. Help counter their negative messages by calling into radio shows, writing letters to the editor of your local paper, and/or correcting misinformation on social media.

Want to know more? Check out these quick videos: 

And check out our new Infographic for some key facts:


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