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Dear Supporter,

No one should have to walk 21 miles every day just to work. Yet southeast Michigan's transit system left James Robertson doing that for the past 10 years!

So far over 1,200 people have signed our petition demanding a fix to our region's transit crises.

Please join this call and

Sign our petition!!

"We demand a real solution for ALL the James Robertsons who struggle every day to get to work.

We demand that our region's policy-makers develop within 60 days a concrete plan of action for solving the huge gaps in our transit system, including overnight service and the parts of our region that completely lack transit service."

With YOUR HELP, we can reach 2,100 signers - 100 people for each mile James Robertson walked. (Check out the Free Press series for the full story.)

We will close this petition this Wednesday so we can start delivering the signatures to our region's transit decision-makers. Please SIGN TODAY!

The Detroit region faces enormous challenges, as James Robertson demonstrated. Yet we also face an incredible opportunity to create a high quality regional transit system that will help ALL the James Robertsons of our region.

Thanks so much for your help!!

Oh and as you've probably seen, the story of James Robertson's walk has garnered press attention globally. I'm pleased to have helped area media recognize the broader impacts of this story:

  • Thursday, I joined a panel on Fox 2 News' "Let It Rip" show discussing the policy impacts of the James Robertson story.

Check out both these and tell me what you think!


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