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Dear Supporter,

With so much bad news and negativity around us, it's important to remember the good also taking place.

Our community is on the cusp of major transit progress, with the Regional Transit Authority ramping up and local bus agencies getting new, more reliable buses.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to make great transit a reality and to reshape our region's future, and we need your help!

Please donate today to support TRU's work as your transit advocate!

With your support, we will engage thousands of people in creating a powerful transit plan for our region's future.

With your support, we will help demand reliable attractive rapid transit on Woodward, Gratiot, and elsewhere.

With your support, we will build the broad public support needed to pass funding to make quality transit a reality in our community.

These next two years will be game changers for Detroit area transit and we need your help to seize the incredible opportunity before us.

Please donate today!

For the past 15 years, Transportation Riders United (TRU) has been greater Detroit’s nonprofit transit advocacy group, pushing for more and better transit for southeast Michigan through education, engagement, and advocacy.

With support from people like you, TRU played a key role in making improved transit a top regional priority with strong support from regional leaders, major media, and others.

With support from people like you, TRU is helping include transit in every transportation discussion and decision, where it was too often left out a decade ago.

With support from people like you, TRU will ensure that you and everyone in our region can have a say in the transit plan the RTA develops.

It all depends on support from people like you!

Please support TRU today with your donation.

It's quick and easy. You pick the amount, you pick the frequency. You get a tax-deduction. And you get the great feeling of knowing you're making a difference for our community.

Together we can transform transportation in greater Detroit. Thanks for your part in making it happen!


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