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Wow Supporter, what a great event!

Thanks so much if you were one of the more than 120 people who came to TRU's big fall meeting Monday to welcome new RTA CEO Michael Ford!

Check out the event summary article in MLive.com and our photo gallery of the event for more.

The beautiful Arab American National Museum was the backdrop for a vibrant reception that enabled community leaders and transit stakeholders to meet Michael Ford and mingle amonst each other.

The program began with opportunities to get involved with TRU:

  • Apply to join our Board of Directors (applications due next week, by Nov 20!)
  • Please Contribute to our Annual Appeal to support TRU's transit advocacy work all year round
  • Get involved in our annual Regional Transit Awards fundraising dinner by making nominations, sponsoring, continuting silent auction items, or volunteering. 
  • Mark your calendar for our Annual Meeting January 22, our next big meeting, which will be focused on getting involved in the transit process.

Next up, I gave an update on recent transit progress, emphasizing that good things are happening and great things are possible, including:

  • M-1 Rail is under construction and purchasing streetcars;
  • Voters overwhelmingly approved transit millage increases;
  • Detroit leadership is committed to DDOT improvement; and 
  • The RTA is staffed and moving forward!

Then came the featured guest of the night, Michael Ford. He spent a full hour answering questions, first from me, then from the audience. He made a few things very clear:

  • He brings to our region a great deal of experience operating transit and building broad public support for investing in transit improvements.
  • He deeply believes that transit service for people with disabilities must be fully integrated into every decision of every transit provider.
  • Public engagement will be a centerpiece of the RTA's work under his leadership and will lead decisions and planning.
  • He doesn't know all the answers but he will work hard and bring our region together to create a regional transit plan and system that works for everyone!

Stay tuned for much more in the coming months. 

For more great transit information, take a look at two great op-eds this week:

  • I was asked to write an op-ed for metromode and shared my belief that transit is at a turning pointand that there is a path before us to a great transit future. Take a look and tell me what you think of it!


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