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Thank You Voters, Donors, and Volunteers!!

Together we made it happen. Thanks!!

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We not only won the SMART millage vote, Supporter, it was an overwhelming victory!!

  • Fully 73.6% of Oakland voters approved it.
  • 63.1% of Wayne County voters said YES.
  • 59.6% of Macomb voters supported it.

In total, nearly twice as many people voted to pay more to keep the SMART buses rolling than opposed it.

This is especially impressive given that just a few weeks ago, few people even knew SMART was on the ballot, let alone the necessity of increasing funding. Recognizing how important this vote was, dozens of people came together and volunteered, companies and unions pitched in support, SMART ran ads to remind people about the importance of their service, and with a grassroots campaign on a shoestring budget, we won, and won big!

Please join me in thanking everyone who helped make this possible:

  • Thank you partners including MOSES, Sierra Club, ATU, PEAC, and Americans for Transit!!

  • Thank you volunteers who called voters, handed out campaign lit, and much more!!

  • Thank you generous contributors including Butzel Long, Beaumont Hospital, St John Providence Health System, Vanderveer Garzia PC, Zausmer, Kaufman, August & Caldwell PC, Teamsters local 247, and many others!!

  • Thank you to everyone who talked with friends, forwarded emails, shared Facebook images, retweeted, and otherwise spread the word.

This was truly a grassroots campaign with everyone pitching in what they could to make a difference! And we did it!! Thanks!!!

Next Up: Efforts will continue for expanded transit service

This vote ensures SMART can keep operating their essential service in all three counties. They will also purchase newer, more efficient buses over the coming years. While SMART has not committed to any service enhancements, riders are hopeful for expanded service, especially restoration of some of the cuts of recent years. The SMART Board will be working on a Strategic Plan; that process needs to include riders and other stakeholders in developing a plan for the future.

This victory at the ballot also clarly shows the willingness of voters to invest in quality transit. TRU will continue our work over the next two years to make a strong case to leaders and voters of the need for new regional funding to enable more and better transit throughout our region.


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