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Make Sure You're Ready to Vote Tuesday!

Check your polling place and sample ballot before Tuesday!

Support TRU's work to improve Detroit Transit!


Got a busy day Supporter?

I bet next Tuesday will be pretty busy too.

Sometimes I'm so busy I'd probably forget my head if it wasn't attached! That's why I make sure everything important is scheduled into my calendar. 

Voting YES on the County Transit Millage to keep SMART buses rolling sure is important.

Please make a plan for voting!

1) Where do you vote?

Some polling places have changed in recent years, so you may want to double check your polling place. It's easy at www.Michigan.gov/Vote.

Can you walk to your polling place?

Will you take the bus or drive there?

Do you need to arrange a ride?

(While at Michigan.gov/Vote, you can also see precisely what will be on your ballot so you can be prepared.)

2) What time Tuesday will work best for you to vote?

The polling places are open from 7am until 8pm.

Can you vote in the morning (and show off your "I Voted" sticker at work all day)?

If you're at home Tuesday, do you need to schedule voting around the kids nap schedule?

Would it help to vote early?

If you think you'll be away from your polling area all day Tuesday, don't wait! Go to you city clerk's office tomorrow or Monday and ask to vote early. Sign a quick form and they should be able to give you your ballot right then. Why wait!?!

Whenever works for you, just make sure to schedule it in!

3) Who else will come with you to vote?

Why do this important task all alone?

Go vote with your spouse before you go to work.

Take the kids with you and talk with them about democracy!

Go with a neighbor or friend then go get lunch or coffe. 

Also think about family or friends who might need help getting to the polls. Elections are a great excuse to go visit your Great Aunt or old neighbor!

While it is unlikely to take long to vote, it sure is important, so please make a plan!

Also, forward this email to family, friends, neighbors, and others who could use a friendly reminder and resources. My in-laws got so busy one year they completely forgot to vote in a major election that I was working on! Every vote is important to make sure the SMART millage wins next Tuesday.

Together we can keep SMART rolling!!


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