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You can make the difference!

Volunteer for the SMART Millage Campaign!!

Support TRU's work to improve Detroit Transit!


Did you know Supporter that Grand Rapids passed its transit millage increase in 2011 by just 136 votes? 

Every vote matters!

With just a few hours of our time, you can make sure every transit support gets out to vote so we can keep SMART rolling!

Your help could make the difference!

Please volunteer a few hours over the next 5 days:

  • You can call voters and remind them to vote yes on the SMART millage. We've got everything you'll need at the MOSES office (near the FOX and the Transit Center in Detroit) and we've got a time to fit your schedule!
    • This evening 4-8pm,
    • Friday 4-8pm,
    • Saturday 9:30-12:30pm,
    • Sunday 4-8pm,
    • Monday 4-8pm, and
    • Tuesday 9-6pm!

  • You can hand Vote SMART flyers to people as they enter priority polling places throughout the region. We need early birds when the polls open 7-9am, along with the post-work rush of 5-8pm. Again, we can provide everything you'll need to be successful!

With a friend or on your own, just once or all weekend, in Macomb, Oakland, or Wayne - we need your help!!

Please sign up today to volunteer to Keep SMART Rolling!!

Also, Join our #SMARTmatters Social Media Blitz TODAY

Help create a powerful social media shout of support for next week's SMART millage vote, whether you're near or far. 

This evening, MOSES is organizing a youth rally to raise awareness of the SMART millage vote. Come down to Woodward and Warren at 6pm to join the rally! Snap some pics and post them with the hashtag #SMARTmatters.

Or if you can't join in person, join in solidarity from the comfort of your computer or smart phone during this evening's #SMARTmatters social media blitz!

Make sure your friends - and the entire region - know how much #SMARTmatters: Facebook and Tweet reasons why #SMARTmatters to you and your community. Our main push is from 5-9pm this evening. Check out the Facebook event to RSVP and get details.

Use and share our images, make them your profile pic, or use your own creative ideas for status messages, images, and otherwise spreading the word! 

Because even if you don't ride SMART, you rely upon someone who does—whether it's a loved one, yourchild's teacher, your favorite barista, or an emergency room nurse. 

Because #SMARTmatters to metro Detroit! 

Together we can make sure #SMARTmatters trends this Thursday

Together we can make sure #SMARTmatters at the polls next Tuesday! Thanks!!


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Apologies for those outside of the SMART service area for all the focus on SMART. After next week, these emails will return to broader topics. Thanks for your patience during this important campaign!

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