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Urge Your Family to Vote for SMART

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I know that you Supporter understand how important it is vote YES on your county transit millage August 5.

But does your grandma?

How about your parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles? What about your kids, neices, and nephews?

This vote is too important to just assume they'll vote. Too often people forget about August votes. (Heck, my own mother-in-law forgot to vote!)

Please urge your family to support the SMART millage on the August ballot!

Absentee ballots have already been sent out, so people are already voting - now is the time! Here are a few talking points you can use:

  • No one should lose their job because their car breaks down. 70% of SMART riders take it to work. Many would be stranded without it.

  • No senior should feel trapped at home when they can no longer safely drive. SMART provides door-to-door service to thousands of seniors and people with disabilities so they can stay active and independent. 

  • A yes vote will renew the longstanding millage, with a modest increase to reflect rising costs - the first increase in 12 years. The new millage rate will still be less than Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing and most other cities.

  • SMART cannot keep operating without this millage. SMART has already cut costs and raised fares to address the financial squeeze of the recession and gas prices.

Urge your family to vote YES on your county public transit millage on the August 5 ballot!

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