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Yes Supporter, Michigan roads and buses are falling apart.

Yes, polls show strong voter support for more transportation funding.

Yes, thousands of concerned citizens made calls and sent emails demanding action. (Thank you!!!)

But no, the legislature did NOT increase funding for roads OR transit before leaving for their summer break and campaigning.

So like the last 20+ years, transit agencies and their riders will continue to struggle through with insufficient funding and decrepit buses.

And TRU will redouble our efforts to make sure our region funds its own transit. Transit agencies can ask local voters of they are willing to invest in improvements. Last month Ann Arbor voters voted overwhelmingly to expand their transit service.

On August 5, many southeast Michigan voters can increase our investment in SMART bus service. We’ve got just 7 weeks to convince voters to Keep SMART Rolling and need your help.

There are three ways you can help make sure the SMART millage is a success:

1) Vote YES on August 5 to Keep SMART Rolling! Sign our pledge and urge your friends to do the same.

2) Volunteer to help spread the word and get others to sign our pledge at fairs, festivals, farmers markets, and fireworks over these next 7 weeks. Email Ruth@DetroitTransit.org to learn more.

3) Donate to TRU. We need to raise $25,000 in the next 7 weeks to run a great campaign to make sure SMART wins big on August 5. There is no other campaign for this and our region can't afford to lose SMART funding and SMART service! Through TRU, your $5, $15, or $50 will go a long way in building public support for investing in more and better transit for our region.

The legislators in Lansing may not listen to the voters, but this time, the decision is all ours! No excuses. With your help, we can make sure to not only Keep SMART Rolling, but to help it improve and expand as well. Thanks for your help!!


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