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Last Chance! Demand Transportation Investment!

Tell Michigan Legislators to Fix Our Full Transportation System!

Support TRU's work to improve Detroit Transit!


I need your help Supporter. This week may be our last chance to fix Michigan’s transportation funding.

State legislators head out on their summer break next week. If they don’t address our transportation crisis this week, it is unlikely to get addressed at all this year. And we've already waited 27 years!!

If you want to see potholes fixed and buses improved, please take two minutes to tell your legislator!

While important action may be hard for legislators, we’ve made it quick and easy for you. We just need your name, address, and email, and we can identify your legislators, provide you a sample letter you can edit (or not), then your hit send. It's that simple to help make a difference!

If legislators don’t act this week, we’re likely stuck with another year of damaging potholes and breaking down buses, of our transportation infrastructure continuing to get worse and moving our state further behind in the competition for businesses and talent.

But the legislature still has time to act. They could make the tough move to make a bold new investment and finally repair our transportation funding system, along with our roads and buses.

They’ll only do it with a groundswell of support from people like you. Tell them you’re willing to pay a little more at the pump for a transportation system that works for everyone!

Demand they fix our roads and buses!!


Another big chance for big change:

MDOT Considers Major Change for I-375 and Wants Your Opinion

I-375 is a short stretch of throughway that connects I-75 with the Ren Cen, and in the process cuts downtown off from the east Riverfront and Eastern Market immediately to its east. It is quite old and needs to either be completely rebuilt or perhaps torn down and recreated in a whole new way. 

Six options have been proposed for how to address I-375 and some of them are really exciting! Please review these options and share your thoughts!

Come to a public open house this Thursday, June 12 between 2pm and 8pm in Shed 5 of Eastern Market, located at 2934 Russell Street in Detroit.

There will be exhibits for your review, staff on hand to talk with, and opportunities to provide feedback on each alternative. Brief overview presentations will be conducted at 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. Eastern Market is handicapped accessible with available parking surrounding the facility. Anyone requiring special accommodations should contact Will Tamminga at 313-237-4608. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.

More information can be found at http://I375Detroit.com. Sign up for future notices and submit comments at I375Detroit@DEGC.org

Don't miss your change to be a part of this exciting reimaging of Detroit area transportation!


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