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We've seen important progress towards SMART funding but still need to your help to make it happen.

Plus more great nominees for the Regional Transit Awards and the Commuter Challenge this Earth Day. Read on . . .

Counties Show Support for SMART Millage Increase, Oakland Commission Needs to Act

The small property tax millage that funds SMART bus service throughout the region has expired and service cannot continue next year without a new SMART millage. Each county must put funding before voters in August.

The Macomb County Commission voted last week to place on the August ballot the 1.0 mil rate that the SMART Board requested. Please thank the Macomb County Commissioners for their strong consistent support!

The Wayne County Commission voted Thursday to increase their cap on the millage rate to 1.0. Tomorrow the Wayne County Public Transit Authority will meet and is expected to place it on the August ballot.

The Oakland County Public Transit Authority and the Oakland County Commission General Government Committee have both voted to recommend the same 1.0 millage rate on the August ballot. Now the full Oakland County Commission must vote on it.

However some Oakland County commissioners have voiced strong opposition to the millage, even if their constituents won't be voting on it, paying it, or receiving SMART service. 

Please write the Oakland County commissioners and tell them why SMART service is so important to you, your community, and our region's economy!

While TRU would have prefered a higher 1.5 or 1.8 millage rate, we fully and strongly support the 1.0 mil rate as essential for maintaining and improving SMART and supporting everyone who uses and benefits from it.

Then get ready to persuade voters this summer that transit is worth investing in.

Regional Transit Award 2014 Nominees for the Foward Motion Award for the Most Effective Public Servant

Elected officials, appointees, and other public servants play an essential role in leading and making tough decisions that can drastically improve (or harm) our public transit system throughout Greater Detroit. This award recognized those champions who make a real positive difference. The nominees are:

  • Elizabeth Gerber, for bringing well-reasoned public policy expertise and compassion and dedication to the Regional Transit Authority Board

  • Roy Rose, for leading the RTA’s Finance and Budget Committee through unknowns to develop and fight for a startup budget that will support the RTA’s growth

An independent panel of judges will decide one winner in this category, and in all the other categories of impressive nominees. 

Make sure to buy your tickets today for TRU's 2014 Regional Transit Awards dinner May 8 to celebrate these nominees, contratulate the winners, and support TRU's advocacy all year round! 

Celebrate This Earth Day with the Detroit Commuter Challenge

Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22, and you might be stumped about what more you can do to help the environment.

You've recycled, installed energy-saving light bulbs, turned down your thermostat and even put extra insulation in your attic. What else can you do?

You may have overlooked the most effective way to protect the earth and reduce global warming: taking the bus instead of driving your car:

  • In fact one-third of US global warming pollution is due to transportation. Switching your commute to public transit can reduce your household’s carbon emissions by 10%, among the greatest personal impacts you can have in reducing greenhouse gas.
  • Detroit children have extremely high rates of asthma, due in part to cars and trucks producing air pollution that create smog and soot. Taking transit not only eliminates air pollution from your car, it can decrease traffic congestion and pollution from others.
  • Oil and other waste from cars runoff into our lakes and rivers, polluting the Great Lakes and our drinking water. 

This Earth Day is a great chance to decrease your pollution by trying transit!

With the Detroit Commuter Challenge, you can even win prizes just for not commuting solo in your car - biking, walking, carpooling, and telecommuting count too!. Sign up today and give it a try!

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