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Greetings Supporter! Don't let the rain get you down - great things are coming, as discussed at our fall meeting Tuesday. Read on . . .

 Go for the Gold! Support World-Class Bus-Rapid Transit on Woodward

What is Bus-Rapid Transit? 

Is it just fancy express buses with nicer bus stops? 

Or is it a truly world-class form of rapid transit? 

The answer depends on how it is designed, built, and operated.

SEMCOG and the RTA will be deciding in the coming months what type of rapid transit is right for Woodward.  Join our friends at the Michigan Suburbs Alliance and tell them to Go for the Gold

Metro Detroit needs Real Rapid Transit

A real rapid transit system: 
  • Is separated from traffic,running in its own right of way so that it doesn't get stuck in traffic.
  • Lets riders pay their fare before boarding and get on at any door, to avoid lines at the farebox.
  • Is coordinated with traffic signals and turn lanes, to avoid long waits or conflicts at intersections.
  • Has boarding platforms at the level of the vehicle floor, so that everyone can board easily, even wheelchairs, strollers, or bikes.
  • Provides safe pedestrian access, bike storage, and park-n-ride options for riders.

We know the score, and we're going for Gold. 

If you agree, sign on today!

Metro Detroit has let too many opportunities slip through our fingers, and we can’t afford bad transit any longer. No American city has a “Gold Standard” BRT system yet: let’s be the first! Metro Detroit has revolutionized transportation before--and we can do it again.

Sign on and urge your friends to do the same!  

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 Public Meetings on Woodward Transit Rapid Transit Projects

Come learn more about Bus Rapid Transit  (BRT) and why it is moving forward as the preferred mode for further analysis. Come out to an upcoming public meeting and give your input about the latest project developments.

New information that will be presented includes:

  • Proposed Alignments: What roadways will the BRT travel on
  • Travel Times: How long will it take to travel from downtown Detroit to Pontiac on the BRT?
  • Feeder Bus Network: How will BRT operate with existing SMART and DDOT service?
  • Ridership: How many riders are projected to utilize BRT?
  • Next Steps: What happens after a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) is selected? Who are the decision-makers?

Come to one of six open house meetings to learn more and share your opinion (download the flyer for more details):

  • Tuesday Dec 3, 6-8pm at Beaumont in Royal Oak
  • Thursday Dec 5, 5:30-7:30 at the Berkley Community Center
  • Saturday Dec 7, 11am-1pm at St Joseph Hospital in Pontiac
  • Monday Dec 9, 6-8pm at MSU Detroit Center 
  • Tuesday Dec 10, 6-8pm at Next Energy in Detroit
  • Wednesday Dec 11, 6-8pm at Coolidge School in Ferndale

Please share this information with all who may be interested!


 Thanks for A Great Fall Meeting    

Thanks to everyone who came out for our big fall meeting Tuesday, especially our wonderful speakers:

  • Debbie Schutt, Woodward Avenue Action Association, who shared plans for making Woodward truly welcoming for all users, whether in wheelchairs, cars, buses, or on foot. She invited everyone to give feedback on the Complete Streets plan and check out their new mobile ap.
  • Carmine Palombo, SEMCOG, who outline the Alternatives Analysis of Woodward Avenue, proposed Bus-Rapid Transit, and invited everyone to participate in the public meetings Dec 2-11. 

  • Sommer Woods, M-1 Rail, who explained the background, goals, plans, and benefits of the M-1 Rail streetcar project, announcing that they will be opening a streetfront office on Woodward soon.

  • Paul Toliver, DDOT, who wowwed the crowd by committing to "get the damn buses running and on the street" and shared goals for a dedicated bus police and increased service next year. 

  • John Swatosh, SMART, who discussed the hard work of the RTA Providers Advisory Committee in improving coordination.

We hope to share the video and more detailed notes shortly. Stay tuned.

 Last Week for TRU Board Applications    

A great organization requires great leaders. Could that be you?

For 8 more days, TRU is accepting applications from people who would like to take an active leadership role in TRU's governance and ensuring we can achieve our mission. 

The Role: The Board of Directors is the governing body for TRU. This includes determining TRU's mission, budget and priorities as well as ensuring the organization has the financial resources to fulfill its mission.

The Responsibilities: Board members must uphold TRU's mission, vision and organizational values; actively participate in Board meetings and functions (inclusive of projects and committees); be a TRU ambassador; and contribute to TRU through personally-significant contributions and fundraising.

The Desired Skills/Traits: Geographic and Racial Diversity, coupled with professionalism, community involvement and effective communication skills are some factors majorly considered in the application process.

How to Apply: Complete your Board Application/Nomination form and submit it toTRUmember@DetroitTransit.org by November 30

For more detailed information download our Becoming a Board Member.

For questions or further inquiry, please contact us me or Kelly Logan, TRU Board President.

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