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What a difference a year makes!

One year ago, we despaired of ever getting an RTA.

Today, we’ve got a Regional Transit Authority in place! A Board, CEO, Providers’ Committee, and soon a Citizens’ Advisory Committee, all focused on improving our region's transit.

One year from today, we could be celebrating a huge influx of new money to improve transit, if the RTA proposes and voters approve dedicated regional transit funding.

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If the new RTA is sufficiently funded, the real life impacts of improved transit could be incredible:

  • If you ride transit, you could save thousands of dollars a year in gas, parking and insurance.
  • Improved transit could provide you a convenient affordable ride to the airport, game, or show.
  • Even if you never ride, effective transit can take thousands of cars off the highway and ease your commute.
  • It could help ensure your parents or grandparents can stay independent as they age and not have to rely on you for every trip to the doctor or grocery store.
  • As rapid transit helps revitalize our urban areas and creates jobs, your kids or grandkids may stay around here instead of moving to San Francisco, Chicago, or Boston.

You can help make this vision become reality – donate to TRU today!

Because of all these benefits and more, TRU has worked for over a decade to improve and expand public transit throughout greater Detroit. We succeeded in shifting the debate towards supporting transit and helped pass the Regional Transit Authority. Now we’re building the support, messages, and coalitions needed to pass dedicated funding for regional transit.

But we can’t do it alone!

Help make sure TRU has the support we need to advocate improved transit throughout the year:

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However you choose to give, thanks for everything you do to support TRU and Detroit transit. We are truly on the cusp of something amazing.

 What's Up Woodward? Find Out at TRU's Fall Meeting Nov 19!

M-1 Rail. 

Bus Rapid Transit.

Complete Streets.

There are a lot of transit-related efforts on Michigan's main street these days! What do they all mean for improved transit mobility?

Join us at TRU's fall meeting next Tuesday to learn what each project is, how they expect to interact, and how each is expected to help improve transit in the corridor.  Plus get your questions answered and find out how to have your say on these essential projects. 

Next Tuesday, November 19, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

At the MSU Detroit Center (Woodward, south of Mack)

Speakers include:

  • Sommer Woods, M-1 Rail
  • Carmine Palombo, SEMCOG Transportation Director
  • Paul Toliver, new DDOT Director
  • Debbie Schutt, Woodward Avenue Action Association Director
  • And me, Megan Owens, TRU Executive Director

Even if you don't live along Woodward, these projects will have an impact where you live too.

Refreshments provided. Everyone is welcome.

Please RSVP by Friday (Nov 15) on Facebook, by email, or at 313-963-8872. 

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