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Happy Walk-to-School Day Supporter! Here's all the latest on the RTA, TRU opportunities, walking, and more.  Enjoy! 

 RTA Updates: New CEO, More CAC

Some important news from last week's RTA Board meeting:

John Hertel is officially starting as the first CEO of the RTA! Building on seven years of regional transit work and several decades of southeast Michigan experience, he has the tenacity and know-how to do what he believes needs to be done.  Details about setting up an RTA office, hiring other staff, and his goals and priorities have not yet been shared, but stay tuned, because things are likely to get moving soon.

Applications for the Citizens' Advisory Committee are open again.  While the 30 people already appointed to the CAC are still on it, the RTA Board decided to expand the CAC to up to 50 members.  Some were concerned that Macomb and Washtenaw Counties were underrepresented.  So transit supporters from those communities are encouraged to apply to the CAC - applications due Oct 22!  The first meeting of the CAC is now expected in last November.  

The next RTA Board meeting is November 6 from 2-4pm at the SEMCOG offices at 1001 Woodward in downtown Detroit.  TRU will present the findings of our summer outreach work.  And every meeting starts with public comments, so please come by and share your thoughts and concerns.

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 Join us Tomorrow for the 2014 Regional Transit Awards Volunteer Kickoff Event!

TRU is planning our third annual Regional Transit Awards fundraising dinner - a event that recognizes top regional transit supporters, while also providing essential financial support for TRU’s advocacy.  

We need your help to make this event great!

Whether it’s helping find the next beautiful dining room for our event, choosing the categories for the awards, writing press releases, or selling tickets for the award show, we need your to help make the 2014 Regional Transit Awards our best event yet. Review the roles and join the team where you can best invest your talents and skills.

Please RSVP to attend our Regional Transit Awards Volunteer Kickoff event tomorrow evening (Thursday 10/10) - meet some great TRU leaders, enjoy nice nibbles, learn all about the event, and get involved!

 Reminder: Proposals Due 10/15 for Overhauling our Website   

(As is obvious from our site) TRU needs a website overhaul. We are seeking an experienced web designer and administrator to help in two ways: 

1.  Our content management system is proprietary and outdated. We want to move our content and processes to a current CMS with active support and updates - Joomla seems to be a good fit.

2.  A redesign of the basic structure of the site in order to make it more dynamic, approachable, and useful, along with improved security. 

We are seeking web designers and administrators with:

·  Experience with Content Management Systems, SalsaLabs and accessibility programs

·  An artistic and functional eye for design

·  Interest/Availability for maintenance work as necessary

If that's you, please review our website RFP and submit a proposal by Oct. 15. Submit questions to RFP@DetroitTransit.org. Thanks!

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 Walk to School Day!  

Today is International Walk to School Day, an annual event celebrated in more than 40 countries worldwide and at over 200 schools in Michigan this year.  Michigan's Safe Routes to Schools program has a ton of great resources for safe walking today and biking and everyday!

You're also invited to join SEMCOG at Campus Martius today between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. for some tips on pedestrian and bicycle safety, as well as information on carpooling and vanpooling.

SEMCOG offers these safety tips for pedestrians and drivers:

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Look left-right-left before crossing a street or st
  • epping into traffic.
  • Be alert when in the street. Look forward and avoid distractions, including talking or texting on your phone.
  • Cross streets at marked crosswalks or intersections if possible.
  • Obey traffic signals such as walk/don't walk signals.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk; if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.
  • Wear bright clothing, especially in low light or poor weather.
  • Wait for drivers to stop and make eye contact before crossing a street. Don’t assume they see you.
  • Stand clear of hedges, parked cars, or other obstacles so drivers can see you.
  • Watch for cars reversing in parking lots and near on-street parking spaces.

Motorist Safety Tips

  • Watch for pedestrians and bicyclists at all times.
  • Stop or yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, whether marked or unmarked.
  • Before making a left or right turn, look in all directions for pedestrians crossing.
  • Don't drive distracted, including talking or texting on your phone. Don’t drive after consuming alcohol or other drugs.
  • For maximum visibility, keep your windshield clean and headlights on.
  • Do not block or park in crosswalks.
  • Never pass/overtake a vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians.
  • Always be prepared to stop for pedestrians.

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And FYI, our website has been hacked several times and we've lost a good portion of the information that had been posted there.  We will be overhauling the website this fall with new information, interactivity, and style.  Please forgive it's lack of detail and polish in the meanwhile!



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