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Hi Supporter!  So you know the RTA passed.  But do you really know what's in it and what happens next?  Come to TRU's Annual Meeting Jan. 28 to find out!  Read on . . . 

We've Got an RTA!  So What's Next?  Come to TRU's Annual Meeting to Find Out!!

TRU's big Annual Meeting will be Monday evening, January 28 in downtown Detroit.  

It will feature everything you want to know about the new Regional Transit Authority and more!!  

  • Meet some of the new RTA Board members and learn their goals and plans;
  • Find out how the RTA got passed and thank some of the key players who made it happen;
  • Learn what the RTA will actually do and get your questions answered;
  • Get details of next steps and key dates for the RTA and how you can get involved;
  • Plus approve and welcome TRU's new Board of Directors!

MondayJanuary 28, 6:00-8:30pm

Chase Tower, 611 Woodward in downtown Detroit

Registration and refreshments at 6pm. Program begins at 6:30pm.

Please RSVP online or at 313-963-8872.  And invite friends - everyone is welcome!!

Demand Strong Leaders for the New RTA!

Passing the law to create the RTA was exciting, but that was just the beginning! 

Now we need to make sure the new Authority is strong and

effective in developing the great transit system our region needs.  By March, Detroit’s Mayor and County Executives need to appoint members to the new RTA Board of Directors, which will hire a CEO, approve a new regional transit plan, set the advisory committee, and more.

The RTA will only be as good as the people running it.

To ensure that the RTA is effective, board members must:

  1. Understand the many benefits of great regional transit;

  2. Be focused on regional solutions; and

  3. Operate in an open, transparent process that involves the community.

Take Action!  Tell your leader you want board members appointed with these key qualities.

• Detroit Mayor Bing at 313-224-3400 
• Oakland Exec. Patterson at 248-858-0484 
• Macomb Executive Hackel at 586-469-7001 
• Wayne Executive Ficano at 313-224-0286

Or use our quick online action tool to send an email.  Then encourage your friends to do the same.  Thanks!!

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 Snyder to Focus on Road Funding, Urge Him to Fund Transit too! 

In his State of the State address last night, Governor Snyder made increased funding for roads and bridges his top priority. While he briefly mentioned rail too, where does transit stand?

For decades, transit received 10% of funding from the gas tax. Yet when it was last raised in 1997, transit was left out. Only roads and bridges got more funding. Public transit systems, railways, and nonmotorized are sorely underfunded. And the last thing Michigan needs is wider highways; we can't afford to maintain the ones we have. 

We know Governor Snyder values transit and we appreciate his leadership on the RTA.  But let's make sure transit gets funded too!

Tell Governor Snyder to make sure transit gets 10% of any new transportation funding!!

Then urge your friends to do the same!!

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 TRU's Board of Directors 

As a nonprofit organization, TRU is overseen and managed by our Board of Directors. This volunteer group of hardworking transit supporters from across the region oversees TRU's policy priorities, our budget and finances, our legal issues and ethics, and otherwise ensures that the donors who fund us and the taxpayers (who support indirectly through our tax-deductible status) are well served by our work.

In November, TRU held an open call for nominations for new Board members and carefully vetted those applicants.  Our Executive Board and our full Board of Directors is pleased to recommend the following slate of individual to join the Board:

  • Michael Bridges, Farmington Hills City Council member
  • Chris Khorey, Urban Planner with McKenna
  • David Norwood, Sustainability Manager for the City of Dearborn
  • Susan Titus, Wayne State professor of Social Work / Community Organizing
  • Erik Tungate, City Manager of Oak Park

At our Annual Meeting January 28, current TRU members will be invited to vote to approve this slate for 2013-2015.  Please review our Becoming a TRU Board Member guide to learn more about our Board and the process for joining.   

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