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Hi Supporter!  I hope you had a great holiday break and celebrated our RTA victory.  Now it's time to get down to work making sure the RTA succeeds!  Read on . . . 

Demand Strong Leaders for RTA Success!

Passing the law to create the new Regional Transit Authority (RTA) was very exciting progress, but that was just the beginning! 

Now we need to make sure the new Authority is strong and effective in developing the great transit system our region needs.  By March, Detroit’s Mayor and County Executives need to appoint members to the new RTA Board of Directors, which will hire a CEO, approve a new regional transit plan, set the advisory committee, and more.

However, the RTA will only be as good as the people running it!

To ensure that the RTA is effective, board members must:

  1. Understand the many benefits of great regional transit;
  2. Be focused on regional solutions; and
  3. Operate in an open, transparent process that involves the community.

Take Action!  Tell your leader you want board members appointed with these key qualities.

• Detroit Mayor Bing at 313-224-3400 
• Oakland Exec. Patterson at 248-858-0484 
• Macomb Executive Hackel at 586-469-7001 
• Wayne Executive Ficano at 313-224-0286

Or use our quick online action tool to send an email.  Then encourage your friends to do the same.  Thanks!!

Save the Date for TRU's Annual Meeting:  Monday evening January 28!

We're putting the details together for a great event that you won't want to miss!  TRU's 2013 Annual Meeting will be Monday evening, January 28 in Detroit and will feature everything you want to know about the new Regional Transit Authority and more:

  • Meet some of the new RTA Board members and learn their goals and plans;

  • Find out how the RTA got passed and thank some of the key players who made it happen;

  • Learn what the RTA will actually do and get your questions answered;

  • Get details of next steps and key dates for the RTA and how you can get involved;

  • Plus approve and welcome TRU's new Board of Directors!

Location and more details coming soon - but mark your calendar so you don't miss this great event!

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 Federal Support for M-1 Rail! 

As the Detroit Free Press is reporting, USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood will be back in Detroit twice next week and will be bringing with him a major federal investment in the M-1 Rail streetcar project!

Secretary LaHood has been a strong advocate of improving transit in greater Detroit, but was hesitant to make a major investment without a Regional Transit Authority to oversee and support it.  Now that we've got the RTA law passed, he is expected to commit $25 million in federal funds to the M-1 Rail streetcar project.

This is the last major hurdle for M-1 Rail, which will move into detailed engineering work and start making plans for construction.  Despite some concerns of ways it could be improved, TRU is strongly supportive of this attractive new transit option for our core city.

Stay tuned next week for the official announcement with more details.

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 Detroit Future City 

After hundreds of meetings, connecting with people over 163,000 times, and over 30,000 conversations ... the Detroit Works Long-Range Planning team has completed the Strategic Framework Plan.

Take some time to review this smart, exciting framework for Detroit's Future City. 

For shorter previews, check out some of the impressive media coverage:

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As always, feel free to contact us before or after with any comments, questions, ideas or concerns.  Thanks,                           


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