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I hope you're enjoying the holiday season Supporter!  As the year comes to a close, enjoy our Detroit Transit year-in-review.

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Detroit Transit 2012 Year-in-Review

To review our exciting year, download TRU's Detroit Transit 2012 Year-in-Review, which includes:

Major Victory: Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Coming to Southeast Michigan!

This year TRU and our partners made a powerful case for the RTA, testifying, organizing supporters, meeting with legislators, mobilizing emails and calls to legislators, and engaging the media.

And it worked!  The legislature passed and the Governor signed the full RTA package into law in December.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped!

Now we must make sure the new RTA is effective, regionally-focused, and dedicated to bold transit solutions. Stay tuned: this is just the beginning!

M-1 Rail Woodward Streetcar Moves Forward

The M-1 Rail streetcar project is poised to get essential federal funds and launch the final engineering work, then begin construction next year.

Also, there is a study underway for the best way to develop rapid transit along Woodward, all 27 miles from Detroit to Pontiac.  Stay tuned for next steps.

Major Progress on Passenger Rail

Major federal rail investments allowed the State of Michigan to purchase railroad track between Dearborn and Kalamazoo and start building new multimodal train stations in Dearborn and Troy.

Continued Challenges for DDOT Bus Service

Mayor Bing instituted drastic cuts in DDOT bus service, devastating tens of thousands of riders. 

We documented DDOT’s inability to run buses on time with DDOT Report Cards: just two-thirds of buses arrive on-time.

One step forward:  DDOT instituted a new “Text My Bus” program to tell riders when their bus will arrive.

Powerful Partnerships for Transportation Advocacy

  • Trans4M - working to transform transportation policy in Michigan 
  • Regional Elder Mobility Alliance's Senior Mobility Outreach Project
  • Transportation for America - pushing an improved federal transportation law
  • University of Detroit Mercy researchers on regional transit, advised by TRU 
  • Transportation for All - a new Detroit transit coalition

Major Growth in TRU Capacity and Funding

Thanks to generous support from the Sally Mead Hands Foundation, the Kresge Foundation, and the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, TRU has grew our staff, board, online tools, and even our office. 

We hosted the first annual Regional Transit Awards dinner, recognizing the region’s top transit advocates and leaders. Stay tuned for the 2013 Awards dinner.

With your help, we will make 2013 our best transit year ever!!

Remember, make your year-end donation before January 1 to double your impact and get your 2012 tax deduction. 

Thanks and Happy New Year!!!  

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