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Happy Holidays Supporter!  What an exciting end of the year it has been for Detroit area transit!

As you celebrate the holidays and our exciting RTA victory, please invest in Detroit's transit future with a year-end donation to TRU!

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As a transit supporter, you know the critical role TRU plays: 

1)  TRU is your transit advocate, your voice at the Capitol and City Hall and wherever else transit decision are happening.

2)  TRU keeps you updated and makes it easy for you to speak out to key transit decision makers.

3)  TRU's work makes a difference, helping make possible huge victories like the RTA, which will help transform southeast Michigan into a more vibrant, sustainable, and competitive region.

You should also know that we can't do all we do without the generous donations from transit supporters like you!

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The RTA is something the Kendrick-Hands family and so many others worked so hard for so long to achieve that they want to celebrate. They will match the first $500 of every donation TRU receives before December 31, in celebration of TRU's role in achieving the RTA.   

So please donate to TRU Today!  

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RTA Bills Signed into Law Wednesday

It's official.  The bills are signed.  (I can vouch, I was there!)

I was honored to be able to attend the official ceremony where Governor Rick Snyder signed into law the Regional Transit Authority bills Wednesday afternoon. 


Note: Despite some reports, the RTA does include all four counties, including Washtenaw, and the law is effective immediately.

Each County Executive (or equivelent) has 90 days to appoint board members (by mid-March), who will meet for the first time in April. Washtenaw County is seeking applicants now through quick but public process.  We're encouraging the others to make their appointments through an open, public process as well.  More on that soon!  

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