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We did it Supporter!  A Regional Transit Authority is on its way to southeast Michigan!!  Read on for details and other updates . . . 


After years of research, organizing, outreach, and advocacy, I am pleased to announce the we have won a huge victory on RTA:

A new Regional Transit Authority is coming to southeast Michigan!! 

On Thursday the Michigan House passed the three most critical bills to create and provide new funding options for the RTA.  

It was a near thing, getting caught up with unrelated ugly debates over so-called "Right to Work" policies and most Democrats voting against everything the Governor was pushing, including RTA.  But the Republicans were able to rally enough votes to pass the first three bills; the last two are expected to pass next week.  The Governor is strongly committed to signing them.  For more details, read my summary of how it happened on Facebook.

A huge thank you thank you thank you to everyone who called, emailed, tweeted, came to Lansing, and otherwise pushed to make this happen!!  This was truly an incredible group effort from hundreds of amazing people.  Thank you!!!

So what's next?  

The new RTA will go into effect in late March 2013 (90 days from signing).  At that time, the County and City Executives will appoint Board members who will be responsible for hiring a CEO, updating the Regional Transit Plan, and more. The new RTA takes oversight financially on October 1, 2013.  We advocates will have a lot to do to make sure the Board members are truly dedicated to bold, regionally-focused transit solutions and set up a strong Citizen's Advisory Council that they really listen to.  Stay tuned!!

Special alert to Ann Arbor supporters:

Unfortunately, A2 City Council doesn't like the bills and is holding a special meeting Monday to ask the Governor to veto them. The Governor won't, but we don't want the A2 City Council waging a unilateral war against our regional transit dreams as we move forward. It's true, the RTA isn't 100% perfect, but it's the only game in town -- we work with it, or we wait years for another chance.

Please take a minute to call an Ann Arbor City Councilperson and ask them not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. We've spent so much time working towards better transit, are we really going to throw it away when we get 90% of what we want?!


More Opportunities to Have Your Say on Woodward Rapid Transit

In case you missed them last week or have more to say, 

Come to a public meeting to share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas about rapid transit on Woodward (all of it)!!

  • Tuesday, Dec. 11, 4pm-6pm at the Detroit Palmer Park Police Station
  • Wednesday, Dec. 12, 6pm-8 pm at the Ferndale Library 
  • Saturday, Dec. 15, 11am-1pm at Bowen Senior Citizens Center in Pontiac 

Download the public meetings flyer to find a location near you, and share it with friends and family! Feel free to attend any meeting that is convenient for you. Each meeting will include a short presentation (30 minutes after start time) and allow attendees time to speak with project planners and view displays. Light refreshments will be served.

More information available at http://www.WoodwardAnalysis.com/

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