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Great news, Supporter, the Michigan Senate passed the RTA bills! Now we move to the House!! Read on and help out. . .

The Michigan Senate Passed the RTA Bills!!

I'm very excited to announce that the Michigan Senate today passed the RTA bill package, with strong bi-partisan support!!

12 Republicans joined 11 Democrats in supporting the RTA bills, with support from all across the region and the state, including Detroit, Oakland County, west Michigan, and the UP.

There is no doubt that all your calls and emails made a big difference. Thanks!!

Please take a moment to see how your Senator voted and

Thank them or express your disappointment! 

They need to know that people are watching their votes and appreciate pro-transit votes!

And thanks!!

RTA Action Moves to the House:  Big Push for Quick Action Before Years End!!

Now that the Senate acted, we need to convince the Michigan House to pass it!!

The Senate vote, while very excited, was just half the battle.  Now we've got just two weeks to get the Michigan House to pass it too!  And they haven't spent as much time hearing or thinking about it.

So we really need your help!

Please urge your Representative to support these essential bills today!

If the House fails to act in the next three weeks, we have to start from scratch in January.  So please help keep the pressure on.  Urge all your friends, family, neighbors, bus buddies, work colleagues, and others to act too!  


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