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Happy Post-Election Supporter.  Now that the election is over, it's time for the Legislature's lame duck session (as soon as they're done with hunting and Thanksgiving).  Read on and help out. . .

RTA Action in Lame Duck?  Let's Get 1000 Calls to the Senate Leader to Make it Happen

After Thanksgiving, the Michigan legislature will be back in session for just two weeks or so before ending for the year.  Called the Lame Duck session, it could mean big progress for the RTA!

As I've reported before, we've got a majority of the Michigan Senate committed to supporting the RTA once they finally get a chance to vote on it.   

Senate Majority Leader Richardville may hold the vote their first day back - Nov 27.  But vocal opponents and other issues could still distract, as they have before. 

Please keep up the pressure!  Help us get 1,000 calls to Leader Richardville!

Call Senate Leader Richardville at 517-373-3543 and tell him to schedule the vote! 

Join with partners from across the state for big call-in days every week on Nov 14, Nov 21, Nov 26 and Nov 28!

Or if you prefer, you can email Senate Leader Richardville.

Got another minute or two to help?  
  • Call Sen. Meekoff too (toll-free 866-305-2130).  He manages the Senate schedule, so urge him to put the RTA on the schedule!
  • Senator Coleman Young who claims he supports transit may vote against the bill.  Everyone in downtown, midtown and the east side of Detroit should give him a call too at 517-373-7346!

Plus keep the calls coming to all the Senators and House members, so they're ready to pass the RTA!!

You can also help spread the word by downloading, printing, and distributing this factsheet / action alert / FAQ (pdf) to your friends and colleagues!  This information and more is also available online.

And thanks!!

TRU is Accepting Applications / Nominations for New Board Members!

Are you interested in a more active role in revializing our region?

Would you like to help TRU expand our advocacy and impact?

Do you have skills, connections, and leadership to contribute?

Then apply to join TRU's Board of Directors!

TRU’s Board of Directors sets our policies and goals through strategic planning, reviews and ratifies the decisions of our committees, ensures TRU has the financial resources to succeed, and is responsible for our legal obligations and organizational values. Board members are also often on the committees that, with staff, get our work done. 

We want a Board that reflects the best of Detroit:  Diverse, dynamic and dedicated to getting the job done. We are especially seeking Detroit residents, business people, and people with fundraising experience or public relations skills at this time.

Please review our Becoming a TRU Board Member guide to learn more and complete the Board Application / Nomination form to apply.  The deadline is November 26, after which TRU’s Executive Board will evaluate Board candidates in comparison to the skills and connections we need on our Board and make recommendations to the full Board of Directors, then the full membership.

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 Election Wrap-Up:  Voters Support Transit!! 

Thanks so much for everyone who voted last week!  While the campaign ads were ugly and the lines sometimes long, it was wonderful to see so many people involved in deciding the future of our region, state, and nation!

As you've probably seen, Proposal 5 was soundly defeated.  Clearly voters understood that its tax limitations would have been bad for Michigan's future.  Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word. Sometimes the biggest victories come from stopping something awful.

In addition, several Michigan communities voted on public transit measures. Their response? Overwhelming support, which ought to send a strong message to the Legislature and decision-makers across the state.

Bravo to the voters in the Grand Rapids suburb of Walker who overwhelmingly (73%) supported staying in The Rapid regional transit system. That’s great news for transit in Michigan, and more importantly, for Walker residents who depend on transit to get around. “If I were unable to access public transit, my life would literally stop,” said Walker citizen Tom Gilson.

Other Michigan communities supported transit on the ballot:

  • Kalamazoo, where a two-thirds majority approved renewal of the city’s transit millage, despite erroneous ballot language describing it as a new tax;
  • Spring Lake, with 72% favoring continued Harbor Transit service for the Grand Haven suburb;
  • Eaton County, where the ETRAN millage renewal passed with 60% in favor;
  • Ogemaw County, home of West Branch, with 52% in favor; and
  • Muskegon, where 53% of voters approved a new transit millage. Unfortunately, because a necessary amendment to the City Charter failed, that millage can’t actually take effect.

Across the country, voters supported transit in Virginia Beach, suburban Toledo, and Richland, South Carolina too.  

Now if we could just get regional transit funding onto the ballot for greater Detroit . . .

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