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Hi Supporter!  In addition to keeping the pressure on for the RTA, please sign up today to help with our bus report card.  And keep spreading the word about the dangers of Prop 5!  Read on . . .

Keep the Pressure on for the RTA - Tell Senate Leader to Act Now!!

We are so close to getting an RTA! We've got enormous support:

  • Governor Snyder,
  • US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood
  • Executives and commissions of Macomb, Washtenaw, and Oakland Counties, plus the City of Detroit, 
  • Major business leaders and groups,
  • Diverse labor and civic leaders,
  • Local bus riders, and many others.

We've even got the votes in the Michigan Senate to pass it.  Now we just need Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville to schedule the vote!

Please keep up the pressure!  Help us get 1,000 messages to Leader Richardville before the lame duck session starts November 8!

Please tell Senate Leader Richardville to schedule the RTA vote!! 

Then urge all your friends to do the same, because he needs to hear lots of voices speaking out!!

And keep the calls coming to your Senator and House members, so they don't forget how important the RTA is!

And thanks!!

Volunteers Needed to Rate DDOT Service!!

Remember that big fat F DDOT earned last year in our Bus Report Card?  

Think they're doing better now?  Or could it have gotten even worse?

Help us find out!

We need volunteers ASAP to gather DDOT bus information for our third report card. We are looking for volunteers to observe and document DDOT bus departure times of designated bus routes and at various pre-selected locations in metro Detroit. You won’t be boarding a bus, so you can walk, bike, bus or drive to your assigned location. There are 2-hour shifts scheduled for Monday – Friday, October 29 - November 2 from 7-9am and 4-6pm.  Sign up now!

You'd need to participate in a phone orientation, be able to read and write clearly, get to the assigned bus stop or transit center, and have a basic understanding of the DDOT bus system.

Other volunteers will evaluate DDOT customer service. A clear speaking voice and access to a phone are all that is needed.  Sign up for that now too!

You can help make the DDOT bus service better for you and others in our community. And PLEASE forward this opportunity to your colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors! The more volunteers we get the better impact we can make. 
Once you complete the forms to sign up for either volunteer opportunity, you will receive an email with your volunteer assignment confirmation, your orientation call in number and the information and forms you’ll need. If you need help to print the forms, let us know when you sign up.
Please sign up ASAP!  TRU's Bus Coordinator Shari can be reached by phone at 313-308-5737 or by email at sharihtru@gmail.com. And thanks!!

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Spread the Word: VOTE NO on Proposal 5 to Enable Future Transit Funding! 

Please help spread the word about the dangers of Proposal 5!

Proposal 5 amends the Michigan Constitution to prohibit new or additional taxes by the State of Michigan unless approved by a 2/3 majority of members in each chamber of the legislature (which has never happened before) or by a statewide vote of the people.

Even with the current rules, state funding for transit has not been increased in 25 years.  This proposal would make it far harder to fund transit and other important services.

We urge all Michigan voters to oppose Prop 5 - a radical and harmful change for our state.

Proposal 5 would create minority rule on tax policy in the state Legislature. If it passes, just 13 state senators would gain the power to block tax votes supported by the other 135 members of the Legislature.

Don't just take our word for it.  Here are other a bunch of other diverse and well-respected organizations opposing Prop 5 as well:

  • Every newspaper that has editorialized is opposed:  Detroit Free PressDetroit News, Metro Times, Livingston Daily, Muskegon Chronicle, Crain's Detroit Business, City Pulse, Lansing State Journal, Observer & Eccentric, News Herald, Holland Sentinel
  • Gov. Rick Snyder and his 2010 opponent Verg Bernero
  • The Business Community:  Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Detroit Regional Chamber, Grand Rapids Area Chamber, Michigan Manufacturers Association, Traverse City Chamber, Michigan Association of Realtors, Business Leaders of Michigan
  • PoliceMichigan Sheriffs’ Association, Michigan Association of Police Organizations
  • Senior advocates:  AARP Michigan, Area Agencies on Aging, and Disability Advocates of Kent County
  • Health care:  Michigan Health & Hospital Association, Health Care Association of Michigan
  • Local GovernmentsMichigan Municipal League, Michigan Township Association, Michigan Association of Counties, Mt. Pleasant, Linden, Caro, Jackson
  • Environmental Groups:  Sierra Club, Michigan Land Use Institute
  • Human Service Groups:  Michigan Nonprofit AssociationMichigan League for Human Services, Michigan Catholic Conference, League of Women Voters of Michigan 
  • Unions:  AFL-CIO, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, United Auto Workers
  • Education groups:  American Federation of Teachers,  Michigan Head Start Association, Michigan Association of School Boards, Michigan Education Association, Michigan Community College Association, Presidents Council of the State Universities of Michigan
  • TRU!
  • And many others

Few people are really aware of this enormous threat, yet people are voting already! Please help spread the word to your friends, family, and other contacts!  

Here are some great resources for spreading the word:

And thanks!!

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